Pixel5 and HUGE GeoFencing Battery Drain

The Eufy Security app is giving me constant (Every second or so) notifications stating ‘You have been out of the geofencing zone’

It’s causing massive battery drain and is constantly doing it. The notification cannot be removed and causes my phone to alert constantly.

How do I stop it?

Android 12

It’s not only Pixel 5. I see it too on my Pixel 4 and my wife on Pixel 3a. Both on Android 12.

The drain is massive! 62 % the past 24 hours.

We’re now both testing disabling foreground service found in geofencing settings.

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Same here, it’s taking huge amounts of my battery. I’m having to charge my phone in the middle of the day to make sure I have enough power to make it to night charging.

Disabling foreground services does fix the issue and geofencing still works fine.