Short battery life

Charged at weekend, 5 days later, low battery notification… max of 5 notifications a day.
System only a few months old!! Very disappointed

What settings are they on? Optimal or custom??


I was having issues with fast draining battery also. Would go from 100% and it would average 6% drain per day. I use batter on the 2k wired/battery doorbell. My settings are: all motion, sensitivity 3, activity zone (different for everyone) is centered leaving out any moving shadows or plants. Balanced surveillance mode. Currently I’m at 62%, 54 days used since last full charge, 1406 total events, 1163 filtered, 243 total recorded events. So it’s about 25-30 events per day. Hope that helps, I know it’s different for everyone. Good luck.

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Mine are all on optimal full sensitivity and one faces trees but when on human motion detection they do not trigger. (1 on balcony looking towards the car, one on front of porch looking down front path and last camera on corner looking back at sheds) I charged via a power bank last weekend and today they show 100%, 96%, and 96%. They all get triggered at least 30 times each during the day as we have a shared path and with taking the dogs out and neighbor in and out all day.

Overall we are happy with the battery life as charging via a weatherproof cable always plugged in and other end clipped to the wall and usb end placed into a waterproof junction box so no need to ladder and remove the cameras. Just plug in usb end to power bank and place in waterproof junction box and leave for a few hours and move to next when done. I normally do this when batteries are at 30% ish. Cables are £24 for 2 on Amazon if interested search eufy 2c/2c pro cable and will see in results. Make sure they have the waterproof end that goes in camera end. :+1: Hopefully some will find it useful.