SmartDrop Added to the Security App. When?

Wondering when the SmartDrop device is going to be included inside the main Eufy Security app?

Added today on mine in latest update (on iOS).

News on shipping for kickstarter backers would be nice! Come on admins.


Got mine on the 18th. It is now installed and added to my app. Seems to want to use cloud storage. Wished it had storage like the doorbell. I would post a pic but can’t for some reason. Oh wait I got it. I had to use the web vs the app. Enjoy…

Finally got the permanent install of mine finished today. I concur about the “cloud storage”. They advertised it with HomeBase 2 support - even during development. And, their FAQs mention HomeBase 2 support in at least 3 places. Let’s hope a soon to be released firmware or app update will have this feature. It records nothing without paying for a cloud subscription - only live video :frowning:

Box is quite decent-sized. I can’t imagine any standard package that wouldn’t fit this. Almost wish I had voted for the original size after seeing this.